#14 – Nir Evanhaim – Yom Ha’atzmaut/Zikaron

Nir has known Mikey longer than anyone in Israel! and he is here with us in the studio to tell us about his experience, living here for the past 10 years!

We talk’bout life here in Israel,and all its challanges.

We talk political correctness and the current political atmosphere.

The differences between the  solemn silence, reverence and retrospective aspects of Yom Hazikaron, to the loud celebration of Yom ha’atzmaut;

and all that may mean to Israelis.

As always , we recommend stuff , you should check them out!

Tzach recommended the artist Craig Thompson and his graphic novel book “Blankets”

Nir recommended you check out the Netflix series “Wild wild country”

and Mikey recommended a Twain book – “The innocence abroad”

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