#15 – Israel diaspora relations with Rabbi Scott Westle

Mike’s good home boiii Rabbi Scott Westle  joins us to discuss some really cool stuff ! 

We talk’bout diaspora israeli relations , we talk politics and religion.

yessir, this one is a mature episode , but on a light fun note 

Thanks to Scott for joining us and to you the listener for your ongoing support

As always , our recommendations –  

Tzach recommended you take a look at Maus by Art Spigelman 

A comic about his father’s experience in the second world war.

Scott’s rec , apart from his love for the ongoing BKV + Fiona staples comic – saga, is that you take a peek at the works of Donald Glover , from his time in ‘Comunnity’ to his rap persona – Childish Gambino – and his latest hit “This is America”

Mike recommended you check out the board game “King of Tokyo” 

also in Hebrew

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