Happy Shavuot!


Happy Shavuot to all !

This is Tzach from the Talkin’bout Israel and stuff podcast. on behalf of the TBI crew I would like to wish you a lovely holiday and hope you and yours are doing well.
Shavuot is less familiar to secular jews in the diaspora but celebrated non the less ! and is the time of year they preform what’s called “confirmation” ceremonies. a late arrival to judaism, introduced by the reformed movement about 200 years ago. the ceremony is a way for a Jewish teenager to “confirm” thier adult commitment to the religion. the link to Matan Tora is natural.
Those of you living in warmer climates, i urge to pick up a bucket of your freshest water, and douse the kids while they’re on the phone haha , it’s great fun.
Did you know that some synagogues decorate their walls with paper cuts of flowers and the like ? do you know why ?
well, Shavuot is the time of bikkurim! and in ancient times , farmers would bring offerings of fresh fruit and crops to the temple. commemorating in the same fashion , some synagogues would decorate with greenery and flowers, but, seeing how it closely resembled a christian tradion, they went with the papercuts instead.
Do you know why we eat dairy ? seeing how there are at least 6 reasons within the jewish world, some remind us of the Zohar book , some Gemetria; but most logically is the relation to the giving of the Tora to the people of Israel. with the acceptence of the Tora, kosher laws were also recived, rendering all meat in possesion , not-kosher. there for , they ate dairy.
Some Israelies still remember efforts by the dairy company ‘Tnuva’ to advertize on Shavuot years ago. choosing to look mainly at the ritual of the farmers presenting fresh produce to the temple as the main tradition, seeing Shavuot as a holiday where we celebrate Israeli produce.
I personnaly see the holiday as a way to remind ourselves to celebrate creation, instead of consumption. and with the reciving of the Torah , please have in mind; that some one Gave it to you. this is our time of year to remind ourselves what kosher realy means, and not get lost in tradition. examine life so it may be worth living.
What ever the case may be! i hope you have a great holiday period. in this juncture i would also like wish our Muslim friends a Ramadan Kareem! stay safe with this terrible heat wave we are currently going trough.
And how’bout you take a listen to our latest episode – #15 with the lovely Rabbi Scott Westle. We Talk’bout the relations between Israel and the Diaspora. we talk’bout Scott’s time in israel in the beggining of the second Intifada, and as always give you our recommendations. much love, stay safe and celebrate life!

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