#12 – Dyanne Zamir – Communal Childcare , World travel and more

Singer, theater performer, world traveler, and kibbutznik Dyanne Zamir knew at the age of 12 that she would one day make Aliyah from the US. Tune in for her story, including a passion for music, reading, and AirBnB!

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As always – our recommendations

So ,Dyanne recommended that you buy a ticket, to anywhere , and Solo travel! go to the great unknown and enjoy life

Mike recommended an “Israel book” his words –  

My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel

By Ari Shavit

And Tzach recommended you read “God bless you Mr. Rosewater” by kurt vonnegut


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#11 – Matat, Annoushka and Maya Kapulnik – A Rainbow Family


Matat and Annoushka are two beautiful spirits who discovered one another while traveling through the rainbow of space and time. We had the privilege of hearing about some of their experiences and how they came to be where they are today.

As always , Our Recs’

Tzach recommended you read – The Island by Aldous Huxley

Mike recommended you check out – Citizen cafe in TLV

Matat recommended you take of your wife. make her happy!

And Annoushka recommended you look up – Red Tent – 

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Whisky Diaries – Tzach has ADD but not ADHD so…there

Mike keeps trying to knock me off the thought train

and i edit the F**K out of him… 



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Name 6 ways we’re better than chickens. 

See, nobody can do it! You know why?

‘Cause chickens are decent people!

George Carlin


Bibi supporters repeatedly tout his unmatched ability to keep Israel safe; “security”, they say. But what about job security and a viable minimum wage? What about social security for disabled people? What about economic security for the hardworking Israelis whose tax money goes to funding religious studies and the construction and protection of illegal settlements on internationally disputed land? What about educational security for a whole generation of young Israelis who know only one language? What about the security of religious freedom for people who want to have a secular, civil marriage? or burial? Bibi’s agenda is so jam-packed with investigations into his shady dealings and struggling to keep his coalition together that he has no time to fool around with the petty concerns of the public and their pathetic daily lives. Enough is enough! BIBI GO HOME!

!ביבי הביתה

Shorts – From Australia to Israel in the 70s

Nowadays, you go on-line , book the cheapest flight, and in a flash , you’r in the Holy Land. back in the DAY, you got a story out of it!
Danny Hughes tells us how they did it back then

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Shavoa Tov

#10 – Danny Hughes – From Australia to the Kibbutz

Veteran Australian expat Danny Hughes joins us in the studio and tells us what it was like volunteering on a kibbutz in the good old days. We also get some insight into his new video project about foreign caregivers living in Israel

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As always , our recommendations

Danny recommends you read –

“The Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Mike recommends you take a listen to the “Searching for sugarman” OST 

Tzach recommends you look up the origins of the song – “St. James Infirmiry blues” , and his favorite version by Dave Von Ronk


Other than that , you know , we wish you well and stuff! and have a pleasant shabbat ya’ll

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Whisky Diaries – Healthcare in Israel and Medicinal Cannabis



Join us as we talk’bout medicinal cannabis and its complications; also the healthcare system in Israel through the eyes of an oleh yashan. Our resident co-host Mike Leibsohn tells us about his medical woes.

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Happy Purim ! 2018

Purim is upon us, also known as the Israeli Halloween  As with most Jewish holidays, the story roughly goes like this: they tried to kill us, we survived, let‘s eat!

After the destruction of the first Temple in 586 BCE, a large portion of the Jews were forced into exile and began resettling all over the ancient Middle East, including in the areas of modern Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, etc. Even when Cyrus the Great allowed the Jews to return to Judea and rebuild the Temple, many decided to stay put. From that time up until the 20th century, Jews not only continued to live in these places, but also to thrive and prosper. We were allowed to participate in all facets of society and still maintain our own religious and cultural identity and practices for over 2,000 years. Jews were scholars, merchants, artists, and even government ministers.

Only when the European colonial superpowers intervened in the region in the late 19th century did Jews first face a significant rise in persecution. After the founding of Israel in 1948, nearly all of these Middle Eastern Jewish populations were uprooted and forced to emigrate from the lands in which they had lived peacefully for two millenia and more. So what changed? The Jewish people have no beef with the Iranian people, or the Arab culture, but rather with the European-backed tyrannical warlords who were given control of their newly chopped-up territories and promptly instituted strict fundamentalist Islam as the only acceptable way of life.

Our beef is with the tyrants, both at home and abroad; the simple, hard-working people of all countries want exactly the same things: economic security and the freedom to be themselves. So why can’t we all just get along?

#9 – Sapir Yahalom – Honduras and Israel – CLICK HERE to listen

Our friend Sapir joins us in the studio (her apartment – thanks again haha) to talk about her experience in Israel. 

Being someone who has lived here for the past 8 years or so, it’s interesting to see the way in which her views have ebbed and flowed into what is now a mature take on difficult issues

We at the “Talkin’bout Israel and stuff” Podcast love her and wish her all the best with everything! 

As always , we couldn’t help but recommend things that we enjoy

Sapir recommends Pugs , the dog ! but also – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNJ2gG-Jud4

HIIT – a fitness program she loves

Tzach recommended the works of one Asaf hanuca 

A graphic artist and cartoonist 

Especially his work “The Realist”


Mike recommends Hof Achziv 

located north of Naharia 

this lovely beach is a perfect place to stop by

on your tour of this lovely nation of ours

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To Parkland Florida

By Mike Leibsohn – an American –

I am so saddened and angered at this most recent school shooting; I fail to comprehend by what logic people think that it’s necessary or even logically acceptable for private citizens to own assault rifles. Freedom, shmeedom; the text of the 2nd Amendment clearly states, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” In case nobody noticed, we already have a “well regulated militia”, it’s called the United States Armed Forces. In addition, we have local and state police, Coast Guard, and numerous other federal, state, and local agencies charged with the specific mandate of maintaining law and order, by force of arms if need be.

I have long since accepted the argument of personal protection, for which a handgun properly secured in one’s home or business should be more than sufficient. I firmly believe that in order to legally obtain a handgun, one should have to undergo a thorough background check at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as a mental health background check, and undergo a one- or two-day course, during which instructors can both explain and train on proper gun safety issues, as well as be alert to any suspicious persons who may have slipped through the earlier stages of the screening process.

Rifles and shotguns used for hunting, with proper licensing, should also be part of a reasonable compromise, again with the same strict screening procedures as well as a limit per household or per licensed user. Under no circumstances should any private citizen in any developed country privately possess an assault rifle, hand grenade, or any other military-grade weaponry; obviously this extends to accessories such as the bump-fire stock which essentially functions to convert a weapon into a fully-automatic firing configuration. I repeat: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES.

Education is an issue here; all those gun-toting, Trump-hailing NRA fanatics should study our Constitution and the historical circumstances in which it was conceived and implemented, before using it as an argument in favor of putting themselves and their families at constant risk. There is absolutely no excuse for these incidents; it’s not too late to begin implementing change, seeing as a handful of American citizens remain who have not yet been shot dead in their workplace/school/home/street corner/etc. Our reality is constantly changing every day and we as human beings and citizens of the world are responsible for guiding that change in positive directions to the best of our ability. Citing historical precedent is like comparing apples to carburetors; at the time the 2nd Amendment was written the slave trade was in full bloom, only white males could own property or vote, and the overall population of the 13 states was approximately 0.75% of what it is today. That’s right, less than one percent. There was no electricity, no railroad, not even a national anthem (officially approved by Congress only in 1931).

What we need to do as a nation is to declare a two-week federal holiday during which no businesses are allowed to operate and people must stay at home and practice meditation, reading, and working in their gardens. Now is the time to put our egos to the side along with the preconceived notions that are entirely a product of the comprehensive brainwashing that society (by way of our parents) subjects us to doing the early years of our lives, and to think seriously about the things that matter most in our daily lives. You know, like pizza, miniature golf, and not getting your head blown off by a confused teenager with access to a fake ID and a local gun show

Whisky Diaries – Gun Violence 17/2/18 – CLICK HERE


Our thoughts go out to the victims of the Parkland school shooting and to all of the gun violence victims worldwide. 

may we one day, find the way to a brighter place. a place where we can all live together , accept each other and their respective path. and face the world without bias, prejudice and judgment. 


#8 – Jacob Rothschild – Where is home ? Is Sports a good thing ? Why Live in Israel? – CLICK HERE



Our Buddy Jacob joins us as we join him in his living room! 

we sat for a great afternoon chat about sports, religion, life

working and living in south Tel Aviv  

Berlin , England, Israel

Much love Jacob ! thanks again Bud

as always – our recommendations – 

Tzach recommended you take a listen to Harmontown D&D – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkwWaiYEhMc&list=RDfkwWaiYEhMc

Mike recomended you check our Malcolm Gladwells’ podcast – Revisionist History – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rxpYuG5vD4

Jacobs in his creative wisdom recommended that you learn , eat and cook Risotto ! 

I mean.. yea .. he’s a genius 

find us everywhere 



Our Web – http://talkinboutisrael.com

#7 – Talia Cohen Efrat – Click here to listen !

Feb 9th, 2018

Join us this week as we welcome a good friend and neighbor

Talia sits wit hus as we ramble ’bout our thoughts and ideas

 she tells us about making Aliya,moving to an unfamiliar kibbutz;and the challenges that is entails.

we discuss our love of wine and whisky. we talk about family

and as always we make recommendations

As follows :

Talia recommends that you take a trip to the golan and have yourself a tasting of the Pelter Winery

seen in their website here – http://pelter.co.il/

also , in our long rec session she recommended that, if you find yourself in California , maybe checking out Big Sur !

Tzach this week in a surprising turn of events , recommended that you read comics

but not any comics

the first one is the “Love is love” comic , made to support the victims of the Orlando night club shooting in 2016

link here – https://www.bookdepository.com/Love-Is-Love-Marc-Andreyko/9781631409394?ref=grid-view&qid=1518162222364&sr=1-1

also that you read the work of seminal mangaka – Osamu Tezuka – the book known as – AYAKO 


Mike  recomended you check the show “Party down” about a group of young wanabe actors working as waiters.

also that you read  The Simpsons and Philosophy

seen here – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Simpsons_and_Philosophy

Humanitarian crisis in Gaza, my take – Mike Leibsohn

So apparently our Defense Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, doesn’t think there’s a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. Let’s see; roughly two million people whose entire lives are controlled by an internationally recognized terrorist organization, Hamas, which channels the majority of whatever resources it’s able to receive from the outside world into strengthening its military infrastructure and entrenching its hard-line, fundamentalist theocratic stronghold. The vast majority of the population has access to electricity only a few hours a day, precious little potable water, less than minimal medical services, and an education system that systematically brainwashes its children into believing that the sole reason for their plight is the Zionist enemy. Oh, they do however have summer camps, at which young children are dressed up in military fatigues and taught to parade with fake rifles and maneuver through obstacle courses designed to simulate battlefields inside of Israeli civilian population centers. The desalination plant is frequently unable to operate due to a lack of fuel, and the building of any other infrastructure is highly unlikely due to the fact that the majority of building materials (concrete, steel, etc) are commandeered for the construction of cross-border tunnels which are created for two purposes: the smuggling of weapons, combatants, and various other contraband from Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula into the Gaza Strip, and to perpetrate attacks and abductions of Israeli soldiers and civilians inside of our own borders. Gaza’s only contact with the outer world is through the highly restricted land-crossings from Israel, through which tens of thousands of trucks are allowed to pass each year carrying humanitarian relief supplies, and the even more tightly-controlled Egypt crossing, through which little passes except for pedestrians. No airport, no seaport, no job opportunities, no working relationship with Fatah, the official ruling party of the Palestinian Authority under President Mahmoud Abbas, and almost no hope whatsoever for a better future anywhere in sight. But, according to Lieberman, while the situation is dire, it doesn’t constitute a humanitarian crisis, and regardless of what you call it, Israel bears no responsibility for the situation there. One thing is for sure, either I need to consult a dictionary or our Defense Minister does, because we both can’t be right. Whatever it makes me, I’m pretty sure that he’s wrong.

Israel – a country with PTSD by Mike Leibsohn

Israel is basically like an entire nation living with PTSD. The early pioneers (late 1800’s) were fleeing from rampant and violent pogroms, in which thousands were killed, terrorized, and displaced over the course of several decades. Then came the next generation of immigrants who had survived WWI in Europe and had witnessed events like the Dreyfus trial and other indicators of a very sharp rise in Antisemitism on the horizon. Then, of course, WWII and the Holocaust lambasted the continent and set reality askew with terrifying, nightmarish violence in every imaginable direction. Let us not forget the massive Jewish populations living in Arab- or Muslim-majority countries all over North Africa and the Middle East; they were persecuted and victimized no less than the European Jews, forcing them also to seek any possible escape just to save their very lives. Over the span of less than 100 years, all of these immigrant populations bumped heads with each other as they sought to forge a new, shared homeland here in this tiny and disputed sliver of land with precious few natural resources. Naturally, the first generations of native-born Israelis in this new era coped with childhoods full of wars, terrorism, socioeconomic and geopolitical instability, and pretty much every other possible stress factor that can lead to a person being mentally and emotionally unstable, insecure, and otherwise unhealthy. Perhaps the immigrants of the last several decades from wealthy, stable countries in places like Europe, North America, Australia, etc. are the first generation of Israelis to not suffer inherently from this nationwide PTSD that has the “natives” constantly at one-another’s throats. However, even in a short decade living in Israel I’ve already experienced enough rocket sirens and homegrown waves of terror to feel every bit as traumatized as those who have been coping with it for 3 or 4 generations, maybe even more so, as my genes haven’t had enough time to desensitize themselves to the phenomenon. Modern Israeli society itself, as a living and breathing entity, suffers sorely from this paralyzing disorder; only when we, as a nation, will recognize the impact of this ubiquitous social brain-freeze and the wide and complex variety of factors influencing it, will we be able to begin the healing process that will bind us together as a unified people with a unified goal: to live in peace and democracy in some part of what was once our ancient homeland.

The character of Israel – Mike Leibsohn

There is a decades-old debate about the basic character of Israel as a democratic Jewish country, or Jewish democracy, or however you choose to phrase it. Many people believe that it can and should be both a Jewish state and a democracy, while others purport that regardless of ideals, it is simply impossible to effect. Keep in mind that approximately 20% of Israel’s full-fledged citizens are not Jewish, and that’s before we mention the roughly 4 million Palestinians living in Gaza and the West Bank, whose future is both distant and cloudy due to impermanent borders, the unsettled debate of a Palestinian Right of Return, and numerous other complex and sensitive issues. So what is the true essence of the modern state of Israel? What should it be? Does our ideal match up with realistic expectations? Are we making progress or remaining static? Surely we can all agree that the current state of affairs, albeit a venerable testament to the dedication, sacrifice, and extraordinary vision of our forbears, still leaves ample room for improvement.